Man tapped out and without money for christmas gifts

5 Ways to Take the Stress Out of the Holidays

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Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…and for most people, that means they’re starting to feel stressed. In fact, a Healthline survey in 2015 found that 62% of people find the holidays “somewhat or very stressful.” The holidays should be a time for celebrating, relaxing, and making memories with the people we love. But underneath all the festive fun, …

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When Addicts Come Home for the Holidays, a Guide for Families

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Reading Time: 7 minutes In the eyes of a child, the holiday season brings excitement, expectations, and joy. Santa is coming, there are plates full of cookies everywhere you look, and distant relatives come visiting with arms full of gifts. What isn’t there to love about the holidays? But, for people struggling with addiction, the holidays might not bring the innocent joy it once …

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Anger Management Classes: Do they Really Work?

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Reading Time: 5 minutes How much energy does your anger sap from you daily? If you haven’t already noticed, anger is an exhausting emotion. It forces you to cycle from angry outbursts through a draining emotional recovery. You’ll have little room left for the positive parts of your life. If you are tired of constantly battling the world, it may be time to consider …

Parents Walking, Holding Child's Hand

4 Techniques to Discipline Your Child Without Spanking

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Reading Time: 7 minutes The debate about whether to spank or not to spank has been raging for decades. A study by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago in 2016, found that 66 percent of women ages 18 to 65, and 76 percent of men, admitted that there are times when spanking a child is not only warranted; it is …

Marriage Contract and Roses Being Cut in Half

6 Tips Every Divorcing Parent Needs to Read: Parent’s Divorce Guide

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Reading Time: 6 minutes “Children ought not to be victims of the choices adults make for them”  Wade Horn When you commit to love and cherish, till death do you part, sometimes even the best of intentions don’t turn out as you plan. If you and your spouse have made the decision that you would be better off apart than together, it is never …

Mother of Special Needs Child Holding Her Daughter

10 Differences Raising a Special Needs Child

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Reading Time: 7 minutes “As special needs parents we don’t have the power to make life ‘fair,’ but we do have the power to make it joyful.” Like most difficult situations in life, you never really know what it is like to raise a special needs child until you have one. And even then, like all children, special needs children don’t come with a …