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Anxiety and The Power of Distraction

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Reading Time: 4 minutes There’s no denying it: it’s been an anxiety-inducing few weeks. As the COVID-19 crisis escalates around the world, and governments make drastic steps to curb the pandemic, many of us are feeling fearful and uncertain. For those who already struggle with anxiety disorders, current world events compound mental health issues, and exacerbate symptoms. With lots of us practicing social distancing, …

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How to Manage Anxiety Around the Coronavirus

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Reading Time: 5 minutes It is reasonable to be anxious about the coronavirus and take necessary precautions, but don’t feed into the fear. There are times when the collective unconscious can be so excited that you can feel the anxiety and anticipation in the air. The coronavirus has set off a panic like one that the world has not seen in decades, if ever. …

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10 Best Depression and Anxiety Support Groups on Facebook

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Being diagnosed with a mental illness can be lonely. Despite growing awareness of mental health issues, many people still feel uncomfortable sharing the details of their diagnosis – or their daily struggles – with others. In many places, stigma or discrimination are still big issues for people with mental health concerns. But these days it’s easier than ever to find …

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A Guide to Mindfulness Exercises for Relaxation and Anxiety Relief

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Reading Time: 7 minutes “Mindfulness seeks to leave personal shame in the past, remove fear of the future, and live in the present. Only then can you free yourself from anxiety.” At times, stress is both necessary and good for us. But if anxiety and stress are taking their toll on your physical and emotional well-being, it is time to find a way to …

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My Big Fat Anxious Life: An Anxiety Diary

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Reading Time: 6 minutes A former corporate worker turned freelance writer, Jessica has a history managing her generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and panic disorder. Recently, she opened up to Chat Owl to share what it’s like living with anxiety.  Jessica lives with what she calls “functional anxiety.” Constant simmering anxiety feels completely normal but leaves her little mental space to handle everyday stressors. With …

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Depression and Anxiety Relief, A Guide to Relaxing Breathing Techniques

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Reading Time: 4 minutes “Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”  ― thich nhat han There is a phrase we use when things come so naturally that we aren’t even aware we are doing them. That effortless and automatic effort is said to be “just like breathing.” It’s common to take breathing and its importance to life …

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Don’t Let Social Anxiety Ruin Your Super Bowl Party

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Reading Time: 4 minutes “What upsets people is not things themselves, but their judgments about these things.” Epictetus Football is an American past-time that most people look forward to. Whether you are a football fan or not, however, social anxiety can kill even the best-rooted fan’s good time. For the person who feels anxious about small talk, yelling too loudly about a touchdown, or …

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Love and Anxiety: How to Help an Anxious Partner

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Reading Time: 11 minutes What if he doesn’t love me? Is he cheating? He’s late, what if he isn’t coming home? I found a receipt in his pocket for two lunches today, who did he eat with – another woman? I’ve gained ten pounds, will he stop loving me? He didn’t say “I love you” back, does that mean something? When he looked at …

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Top 10 Games to Reduce Anxiety

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Reading Time: 6 minutes Playing games isn’t always about winning, sometimes it is just about quieting the inner voice Everyone has anxiety during times of stress, and it is easy to become overwhelmed if you don’t have an outlet to escape and unwind. Anxiety is a condition that mostly comes from “being in your own mind.” What does that mean? That means that idle …

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Playlist for Depression and Anxiety

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Reading Time: 5 minutes When you are feeling depressed or anxious, what do you do to get through the darkest moments? Music, for many of us, plays a big role in these challenging times. There are, quite literally, thousands of playlists on Spotify these days, all focused on depression and anxiety. Many of them have thousands of followers. Clearly, many people use music as …